Our Values

Our WMBC Values

To be the presence of Christ (along with other churches) in Southwest Houston.

To offer the radical inclusivity of Jesus to everyone, reflecting the diversity of heaven.

To love all people without barriers; to practice tolerance of different backgrounds and practices so we might express God’s love and grace to all by accepting people as they are.

To have thoughtful worship that transcends styles and labels and unifies people in love for God.

To grow and live as a family in Christ by loving, serving, listening to and caring for each other.

To equip and empower people to see their lives and world changed through the love of Jesus.

To effectively mix spiritual contemplation, growth and maturity with community action.

To be a church of partnerships, working with existing agencies, organizations and churches in serving our city and around the world.

To make such a difference in our community that our absence would be noticed.

Willow Meadows Baptist Church is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and the Union Baptist Association.