Willow Meadows International Neighbors (WIN)

Do you know of internationals who would like a safe and comfortable place to learn a little English? Willow Meadows offers just such an opportunity. WIN is a program which offers classes in English conversation. Classes meet on Wednesday mornings at 10:00, and child care is provided for a small fee.

We have found that students, many of them wives of doctors or other professionals who come to Houston for a period of work or study, like our casual, friendly approach to helping them with their English as well as with problems they may have while living in a new and challenging place.

Some students may also choose to attend a Bible Study class in which they, some for the first time, hear the stories of the Scripture and learn of its significance in the daily lives of Christians. Many have never known anything about what we truly believe and how important our faith is in everything we do.

Although we do not overtly teach Christianity in our English classes, we do share our own witness as we share with these students, making sure they understand the real meaning for many of our holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.), the Christian basis of many of our laws, the reasons behind many of our philanthropic endeavors, etc. Although we may not see immediate results in souls saved, we can never know the extent of our influence as these students return to countries around the world.

The WIN program could not exist without the members of Willow Meadows. Volunteers in WIN teach classes, serve refreshments, help with child care, or help in other general ways, working wherever they are needed. In most cases, volunteers receive greater blessings than the students. If you are interested in volunteering in WIN you may contact Jane Wright, the Director of the WIN program (281-437-6292 or

Please recommend WIN to anyone you know who may be interested in being a part of our classes. Registration for our new session will be Wednesday morning, September 19, 2015, from 10:00 to 11:00 in Fellowship Hall.