Meadows Preschool

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy As To Students

Meadows Preschool believes that God created all children as unique and special and to be treated equally.  Therefore, Meadows Preschool admits children of all race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to children at Meadows Preschool.  Meadows Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies and other pre-school-administered programs.


Mission Statement:

The Mission of Meadows Preschool is to provide a safe Christian environment that nurtures the whole child and supports the child’s family so that the child can grow and develop their gifts and abilities, thus fulfilling each child’s potential.


Vision Statement:

Meadows Preschool offers young children the opportunity to feel love and a sense of self-worth while engaging in activities that will help nurture the development of the whole child.  Caring adults who live by Christian attitudes and behaviors engage preschoolers in creative experiences of active learning and support their families through fellowship, discipleship, worship, and ministry.

September 2019
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8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30
December 2019
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March 2020
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GREEN Days: tuition due. Make checks payable to: WMBC/add a $15.00 late fee to all tuition paid late.

RED Days: Closed

BLUE Days: NOON Dismissal Sept. 27

Holidays: Sept. 2 Labor Day / Oct. 9 Fall Holiday / Nov. 22-29 Thanksgiving / Dec. 20-31 Christmas / Jan. 1-3 / Jan. 20 MLK / March 16-20 Spring Break / April 10 Good Friday / April 13 Easter Mon.

Continuing Education, for our Teaching Team:Closed / Feb. 6, 7 / March 30 / April 23

Willow Meadows Baptist Church 4300 W. Bellfort, Houston, TX. 77035
Cyndi Wehmeyer, Associate Pastor, Weekday Preschool Education

Operational Policies:

Times of Operation : 8:00 Early Birds, 9:00-2:00 Preschool, 2:00-4:00 Kids Club Monday–Friday, September 2019 through May 2020. Meadows Preschool will close for H.I.S.D. holidays along with other days for continuing education and religious holidays.

Information Sharing : A Newsletter will be emailed the last week of each month for the following month, weekly emails will be sent by class, a yearly calendar will be distributed at Open House or from the Preschool Office by April 2019. You can always check the Parent Support Center for recalls, forms, and seasonal information.

Money Matters:

Tuition is due the first full week of each month. Tuition is paid in nine equal payments beginning the first week of August. Tuition paid after the first 10 days will have a late pay fee of 15.00 added. The August 2019 payment is a non-refundable payment for May 2020.

Late Pick-up fees: $1.00 per minute after 2:04 or 4:04, will be charged for each child picked-up after their class ends. This fee is due at pick-up or the following day.

Financial Obligation: Upon enrollment, children are enrolled for, and tuition is due & expected for, the complete session of August 2019 – May 2020.

Health and Safety :
All children must have a current immunization record on file. Update the immunization record and Certificate of Health with each birthday.

Daily Health Checks will be performed each morning upon arrival.

Children may be released: only to the adults listed on the enrollment card, including name, address, phone and TDL #. Adults listed without a TDL # may not pick-up.

When a child is ill: They may not be in attendance at preschool. Parents are asked to call the Administrator and report when a child will be absent and state the symptoms.

Exclusion due to illness: Children need to be free of a fever for 24 hours, and free of diarrhea and/or vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school. Children with thick, excessive mucus from the nose, undiagnosed rashes, wheezing, wet or barking cough, head lice, or other infectious symptoms – with or without fever - must not attend.

Medications: cannot be dispensed by any staff of Meadows Preschool.

Children must be up to date on immunizations: at all times. Provide a copy of the immunization record that can be kept in the office. Provide updated immunization records and Certificate of Health with each birthday or as children receive update immunizations. TB tests are not required by the Tx. Dept of Health.

Teaching staff at Meadows Preschool are not required to receive vaccine preventable disease immunizations. Ex. Flu shots

Allergies: children with allergies that require an Epi pen will need to have a physician’s emergency plan on file. Form provided & signed by the pediatrician.

Bumble Bees and Leap Frogs are diaper and pull-up free. These children will be expected to be fully toilet independent. A parent will be called to change BM’s.

Hearing and Vision testing needs to be performed at your child’s pediatrician’s office, when a child turns four years old, and a copy will be required by the preschool.

Breast Feeding Moms will be provided a comfortable place with a rocker to feed babies. Moms may breastfeed or provide breast milk for babies in care.

Safe Sleep will be practiced. Babies will be place on their backs and nothing will be added to the crib. Please bring Sleep sacks or footie p.j.’s. Pacifiers with anything attached are not permitted.

Sunscreen should be applied on your child, each morning, before they attend Meadows Preschool. Help us prevent skin cancer.

To foster healthy relationships: parents are expected to walk their child to class and parents sign them in each morning and then out at the end of the day.

The security code will be made available to parents, for use by adults only.

For the safety of your preschooler Meadows Preschool does not provide transportation, a swimming pool, nor have animals housed at the school. We perform background checks and FBI fingerprinting on all staff. All teaching staff receive a minimum of 24 hrs. continuing education, for each year of employment and are current in CPR, First Aid and brain development.

Abuse and Neglect Meadows Preschool teachers will be trained annually in the prevention of and how to respond to abuse and neglect. Information will be available on the Parent Support Center for awareness and warning signs of abuse and neglect and prevention techniques. A posting will be available on the big bulletin board with contact information for reporting and gaining assistance for both teachers to use and to help a parent that may need to report or obtain assistance. If you suspect abuse or neglect: speak with the Administrator or call the Child Abuse Hotline.

A copy of the Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers: and the most recent Licensing inspection report are kept in the Meadows Preschool office for parental review. The local licensing office can be contacted at (713)–940–5283.

Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-252-5400 or

Tx. Dept. of Family and Protective Services website

General Information:

Lunch: bring a lunch of healthy foods, the children can feed themselves, and include a thermos of water. A snack will also be needed for some age groups. These should be marked with the child’s name. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ARE ALLOWED IN PRESCHOOL.

Discipline and guidance: redirection, direct conversation, and when appropriate, time out with the time appropriate for that child. Corporal punishment is not allowed. Children that continually cause a safety hazard for others due to their behavior will be withdrawn from the preschool, after a conference with the parent.

Gang Free Zones: in accordance with House Bill 2086; an area of 1000 feet around Meadows Preschool is a gang free zone allowing for greater prosecution of gang activity.

Playground:Persons without a background check on file, may not use the playground during preschool hours.

Enrollment and Information Sharing:

Enrollment in Meadows Preschool: open to preschoolers that are 5 months by August through Pre Kndg. A child is fully enrolled when a completed enrollment card, health certificate w/ immunization record, and the enrollment fee are received.

Parents have access to the preschool: for observation and to participate in program activities. We ask parents to go to the Administrator’s office for a guest badge.

Parents that wish to review and discuss policies: procedures or concerns of Meadows Preschool with the director, may call the preschool office during office hours.

Contact with Teaching Staff: to speak at length with your child’s teachers, please make an appointment to speak with them during napping times. During drop-off and pick-up times the teachers are actively involved with the children. Teachers may not give cell phone numbers to parents, or receive texts during school hours.

Class emails will go out weekly to help keep you informed.

Newsletters will go out the last week of each month, by email.

The large bulletin board as well as the Parent Support Center – outside Pastor Cyndi’s office will also be a source of information.

* Parents will be asked to sign a child-care enrollment agreement, found on the enrollment card, to show that this Operational Policies document was received. Take some time to read this document and then save it to use for referral.

  • When calling Meadows Preschool, always use Pastor Cyndi’s office number: 713.255.7025. If there isn’t an answer, leave a message.

What to Bring
1. A lunch and drink, each marked with the name - bring foods the child can self-feed.
2. A small snack, marked with name & K C, for Kids Club (2:00-4:00).
3. A vinyl rest mat & small blanket to be left at the school, labeled with name.
4. A change of clothing; to be kept at the school, labeled with name.
5. Children in diapers or pull ups need to bring a box of wipes.
6. Children in diapers need to bring paper diapers.
7. Backpack large enough to transport art projects, papers, lunch box, etc.

All diaper bags, back packs, lunch containers, etc. not clearly labeled; will be labeled at preschool by the teachers. Labeling is mandatory.

What not to Bring
1. Medications of any kind.
2. TOYS–stay at home. Please do not leave it to the teacher to put the toys away for you.
3. Sick preschoolers.

Children need to be free of a fever for 24 hours, and free of diarrhea and/or vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school. Children with green mucus from the nose, diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, rashes, wet or barking cough, or other infectious symptoms must not attend – with or without a fever.Children need to be able to fully participate in the class activities.

Arriving on time to preschool is a sign of respect, will prevent class disruptions and help us have healthier, happier children.

Birthday Policies

* First, speak with your child’s teacher, and arrange a date, so, we can make sure the special sign in sheet is in the binder, requesting permission from the parents for children to eat the birthday treats.

* Parents may bring: store bought fruit cups, applesauce, two bite cupcakes, cheese sticks & pretzels, small muffins, ice cream cups, etc.

* All food items must be in the original packaging – to meet health regulations.

Meadows Preschool Daily Health Check

Meadows Preschool Teachers will do a daily health check on each child each morning.  It consists of asking parents or guardians of any unusual behaviors, rashes or changes in eating/sleeping patterns and a quick visual inspection. We will be attentive throughout the day for anything out of the ordinary that might signal a child is ill.

Children may not enter or remain in preschool if they have any of the following:

FEVER (exclusion for 24 hours)
VOMITING (exclusion for 24 hours)
EXCESSIVE COUGH (exclusion until symptoms are improved)
EXCESSIVE RUNNY NOSE or GREEN MUCUS (exclusion until symptoms are improved)
CONJUCTIVITIS -PINK EYE -(exclusion until treated and symptoms are gone)
HEAD LICE (exclusion until treated)
UNDIAGNOSED SKIN RASHES (exclusion until diagnosed and treated)

  • This policy will help keep our children and teachers healthy at preschool and fulfill our goal to always exceed the expectations of the federal guidelines from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Thank you for partnering with us to provide the best experiences for your child.


Redbirds, Rabbits, Honey Bears, Bumble Bees & Leap Frogs will need to stop by the restroom to wash hands BEFORE going to class.

Enrollment Procedures:

To reserve a space in Meadows Preschool:
  • Enrollment form (ALL blanks completed- TDL #’s & phone #’s)
  • Enrollment fee non-refundable (make checks to: WMBC)

To complete the enrollment: due by June 27 :
  • A Certificate of Health – for children that do not have one on file-renew each birthday.
  • An up to date immunization record – bring a copy that can be kept in the office.

Payment Policies:

Enrollment is a financial commitment to begin Aug. 2019 and go through May 2020.
  • The total cost of the preschool session has been divided into nine equal tuition payments to be paid monthly August 2019-April 2020. Families enrolling after August will pay tuition through May 2020.
  • The tuition paid in August 2019 is a non-refundable tuition payment for May 2020.
  • The first tuition payment is due on or before August 7, 2019.
  • Tuition will be due the 1st week of August 2019 - April or May 2020.
  • Tuition paid after the 1st full week of each month, will have a late fee of 15. added.
  • Tuition must be paid in the month that it is due. Failure to pay tuition in the month that it is due could result in the child being dropped from preschool.
  • A written request with a four-week notice is required to properly withdraw a child or drop days. Families are responsible for tuition for the four weeks following the written notice. This policy includes Early Birds and Kids Club.
  • After July 2, 2019, there will be a drop fee of $25.00, for each day dropped.
    After July 16, 2019, a full month’s tuition payment will be due for dropped days.
  • Checks can be made payable to W. M. B. C.
  • Children absent for two weeks, without notification given to the director, can result in the child being dropped from the preschool.

Note: Bumble Bees & Leap Frogs are toilet independent classes.


  • Our start date will be one week following the start of H.I.S.D.
  • Meadows Preschool will be closed on H.I.S.D. holidays and in-service days, the Friday before and Monday after Easter, as well as the first Th and Fri of February. A yearly calendar will be available at Get Acquainted Day or from the Parent Support Center.
  • Join us for a Get Acquainted Day, before Meadows Ps begins – date tba.
For more information contact Cyndi Wehmeyer at 713.255.7025 /

(please PRINT neatly) this form is valid for one year following the signing date

child’s name ______________________________________       male / female
date of birth _____/_____/_____      Religious Affiliation: _______________________
Special information: ______________________________________________________
Allergies requiring emergency treatment: _____________________________________
An Allergy Emergency Plan, from your Pediatrician, must accompany the EPI Pen.
The following information must be provided for all students. Updates on your child’s immunization record must be kept current.

Pediatrician’s information

(to be completed by doctor/ staff) This is to certify that ______________________________ was seen in this office on __________ and was found in good health and free from any communicable diseases and is free to participate in preschool activities.

For children 4 years and older: A vision and hearing screening was also performed at the time of the visit. The results are as follows:

Vision: Right _______/_______ Left _______/_______

Hearing: 40dbHL  Right _____  _____  _____  _____      40dbHL Left _____  _____  _____  _____
                       500    1000   2000   4000                   500    1000   2000   4000

Pediatrician’s signature ______________________date________

  1. A current immunization record must accompany this form.
    Please bring a copy that can be kept in the preschool office before the first day of attendance.
  2. Fax to: Cyndi Wehmeyer, 713-723-0640
The Importance of Play

It’s a well-known fact that American kids are playing a lot less these days. From 1981 to 1997, children’s playtime decreased by 25%, the report says. A national survey of 8,950 preschool children and parents found that only 51% of children went outside to walk or play once per day with either parent. And because of increased academic pressure, 30% of US kindergarten children no longer have recess.

Plenty of people argue this trend bodes poorly both for childhood and for kids’ future employment. At Davos, the uber-elite gathering of global power brokers, AI experts and global CEOs argued that free play encourages kids to develop agency, collaboration and creativity—just the skills that workers will need to maintain an edge over the robots. And psychologists not associated with the report, including Peter Gray from Boston College, have said the consequences of a lack of play could be dire, including rising rates of mental health problems in teens. That’s why the Academy says it’s time to collectively reboot our thinking about play, understanding it not as a trivial, expendable pastime but as an essential activity that science shows is core to children’s healthy development.

The many benefits of play

The AAP identifies four kinds of play, noting that they change as children grow up. Object play starts with an infant putting everything in her mouth, and later using objects as toys (“Look mama, I am on the telephone!” says a child holding a banana). Then there’s physical or locomotor or rough-and-tumble play, which starts with pat-a-cake and moves to pillow fights and negotiating free play at recess. “Rough-and-tumble play, which is akin to the play seen in animals, enables children to take risks in a relatively safe environment, which fosters the acquisition of skills needed for communication, negotiation, and emotional balance and encourages the development of emotional intelligence,” the authors write.

Outdoor play allows kids to integrate a bunch of senses: throwing balls or playing tag lets them learn to use the body and mind in tandem. Perhaps that’s why research shows that countries that offer more recess to young children see greater academic success among the children as they get older. There’s also social or pretend play (which can happen alone or with others), when kids experiment with taking on roles—teaching a classroom full of stuffed animals, or playing house.

The AAP cites a laundry list of evidence underpinning the benefits of play. Randomized trials of physical play in 7- to 9-year-olds showed that play enhanced attentional inhibition, cognitive flexibility, and brain functioning that suggested better executive control. Pretend play helps kids build self-regulation because children have to collaborate on just how the imaginary world they are living in will work, thus “improving their ability to reason about hypothetical events.” Play is also particularly important for kids exposed to toxic levels of stress. “The mutual joy and shared communication and attunement (harmonious serve and return interactions) that parents and children can experience during play regulate the body’s stress response,” the report says.

Getting play back on track

While the report’s authors worry that parents’ laser-focus on achievement has eaten away at play time, they attribute the problem to social pressures rather than poor intentions. “Parental guilt has led to competition over who can schedule more ‘enrichment opportunities’ for their children,” they write. “As a result, there is little time left in the day for children’s free play, for parental reading to children, or for family meal times.”

To change this, the AAP recommends that preschools encourage more playful learning, both to foster stronger caregiver–infant relationships and to promote executive functioning skills. It also suggests that doctors not only encourage parents to protect children’s unstructured playtime, but have parents let their children take the lead—for example, if a child is doing a puzzle, it’s okay to suggest a piece of a puzzle that might fit, but not do the puzzle yourself. Of course, “scheduling” free play is easier said than done. For a lot of parents, it’s logistically challenging, requiring caregivers or environments that support affordable free play that also keeps kids safe, fed, and close to school or home. That’s a lot harder than booking kids into a coding club. But our pediatricians want us to give it a try.

Read more from our series on Rewiring Childhood. This reporting is part of a series supported by a grant from the Bernard van Leer Foundation. The author’s views are not necessarily those of the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

Meadows Preschool A ministry of Willow Meadows Baptist Church
January 2019 Good day Meadows Preschool Families, This is one of my busiest times of the year, but one of the best. It’s time to get everyone enrolled for our next session of Meadows Preschool. Meadows Preschool will begin our next session, the week after HISD begins (in Sept. 2019) and run through the May 2020. Statisticians are saying that it will take three years for Houston to recover from Hurricane Harvey. And, areas around Meadows Preschool were hit hard. Unfortunately, this affected our enrollment. However, the area is getting back in shape, new families are moving into the area and enrollment is picking up. Most classes at Meadows Preschool back up to full capacity again. WHOOHOO! Enrollment for our next session will be: 8:00-12:00 each day Monday, January 28: currently enrolled families Tuesday, January 29: waiting list families Wednesday, January 30: open to the public The information for the new session will be on the Parent Support Center (right outside my office) on or before Friday, January 11. Share with your friends and neighbors and share with the person behind you in line at HEB about our great preschool, Meadows Preschool. Grace, Pastor Cyndi Cyndi Wehmeyer Associate Pastor, Weekday Ps. Education 713.255.7025
Serving Families for over 55 years 4300 W. Bellfort, Hou., Tx. 77035 /

Meadows Preschool Tuition ScheduleAug. 2019-May 2020

Early Preschool(babies – young 2’s)

Class Teacher child ratio Days Tuition 9:00-2:00 Tuition + Kids Club 2:00-4:00
Aug 2018-March 2019
2/5-6 1 Day 157. 216.
Turtles 2 Days 312. 385.
Turtles 3 Days 423. 554.
Turtles 4 Days 541. 721.
Turtles 5 Days 658. 837.
Nov 2017-March 2018
2/8 1 Day 157. 216.
Redbirds 2 Days 312. 385.
Redbirds 3 Days 423. 554.
Redbirds 4 Days 541. 721.
Redbirds 5 Days 658. 837.
Feb 2017-Nov 2017
2/10 1 Day 153. 204.
Rabbits 2 Days 304. 373.
Rabbits 3 Days 408. 545.
Rabbits 4 Days 522. 680.
Rabbits 5 Days 625. 767.

Early Birds Monthly rate 1 Day 31.00 2 Days 53.00 3 Days 80.00 4 Days 104.00 5 Days 121.00
Drop-in Fees 9:00-2:00 46.00 9:00-4:00 69.00 Early Birds 9.00 Kids club 24.00
Late Fees Late Pick-up: 1.00 per minute, after 2:04 or 4:04 Late Pay: 15.00

Early Preschool Enrollment & Supply Fee -non-refundable
(10. Enrollment Discount for siblings)
Returning Preschooler: 210. for 1 to 2 Days   New Enrollee: 245. for 1 to 2 Days
                                      235. for 3 to 5 Days	                         265. for 3 to 5 Days

Cyndi Wehmeyer, Associate Pastor, Weekday Ps. Ed.
713.255.7025 /
Meadows Preschool @Willow Meadows Baptist Church
4300 W. Bellfort, Houston, Tx. 77035

Meadows Preschool Tuition Schedule Aug. 2019-May 2020

Preschool(2 ½ yrs. – Pre K.)

PRESCHOOL Teacher child ratio Days Tuition 9:00-2:00 Tuition + Kids Club 2:00-4:00
Honey Bears
June 2016-Feb 2017
2/12 2 Days 271. 370.
Honey Bears 3 Days 433. 532.
Honey Bears 4 Days 522. 683.
Honey Bears 5 Days 604. 755.
Bumble Bees
Sep 2015-June 2016
2/12-13 2 Days 271. 370.
Bumble Bees 3 Days 433. 532.
Bumble Bees 4 Days 522. 683.
Bumble Bees 5 Days 604. 755.
Leap Frogs
Sep 2014-Aug 2015
2/13 3 Days 433. 532.
Leap Frogs 4 Days 522. 683.
Leap Frogs 5 Days 604. 755.

  • Bumble Bees & Leap Frogs are toilet independent
Early Birds Monthly rate 1 Day 31.00 2 Days 53.00 3 Days 80.00 4 Days 104.00 5 Days 121.00
Drop-in Fees 9:00-2:00 46.00 9:00-4:00 69.00 Early Birds 9.00 Kids club 24.00
Late Fees Late Pick-up: 1.00 per minute, after 2:04 or 4:04 Late Pay: 15.00

Preschool Enrollment & Supply Fee -non-refundable
(10. Enrollment Discount for siblings)
Returning Preschooler: 210. for 1 to 2 Days   New Enrollee: 245. for 2 Days
                                      235. for 3 to 5 Days	                         265. for 3 to 5 Days

Cyndi Wehmeyer, Associate Pastor, Weekday Ps. Ed.
713.255.7025 /
Meadows Preschool @Willow Meadows Baptist Church
4300 W. Bellfort, Houston, Tx. 77035

Join us:
Sundays for Worship at 10:45
Bible Study at 9:30
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Meadows Preschool
is a ministry of
Willow Meadows Baptist Church
serving families
for over 55 years!