Light Up the Night

Final Draft - Light Up The Night

Willow Meadows is honored to be the host sight for the Southwest Houston Ant-Human Trafficking event, Light Up the Night. We have talked many times about how great it would be for all of our congregations to meet together for a special event. I can’t think of anything more powerful than a joint effort to become aware of, and eventually find the ways God may be calling us to step up and help children and adults who have been trapped in human trafficking and the sex slave market.

This year alone, over 500 children have gone missing in Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties alone. This effort will bring focus to praying for and rescuing these children from a dark future. The attached flyers provide details of the event:

• Saturday, Jan. 27, 3:00pm people will gather in the Sanctuary entrance and the Sanctuary. There will be a wall of 500 postcard sized pictures and information about the children in our counties who have gone missing this past year. You will be able to choose a child to pray for and replace the child’s card with your signature, so the Wall of Missing Children will become a Wall of Prayer Commitments with your signature included.

• After the 40 minute video, “Missing in Plain Sight: Houston” 3 individuals will share their testimonies about being trafficked as a child, and how they were rescued.

• We will them move to the parking lot where an Anti-Human Trafficking flag will be raised in front of the Sanctuary. We will all say a prayer in unison for those in captivity, then 500 lanterns will be released into the night sky, one lantern for each victim. Our planning meetings have been so powerful, and the presence of the Holy Spirit has been so obvious each time we have met. The last time this occurred, 2 years ago, Channels 2 and 13 sent video vans to the event and it was featured on the news, the Houston Chronicle, and on the front page of The Courier. January is Missing and Exploited Children Awareness month, so the media will be looking for events to highlight. Please announce the event next Sunday, email your congregations, and post the flyers on your Facebook pages and church Websites quickly, so the word gets out. Saturday, January 27th is not far away! The gym will be open for children ages K- grade 5 during the film.

It is an honor to share God’s house with you and your congregations. We love having you here, and we hope you can join us for this special event.