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The 13th Annual Fine Arts Camp will be held on June 18-22, 2018 from 9AM-12:15PM at Willow Meadows Baptist Church. This five-day event gives children ranging from age 3 through completed 5th grade the opportunity to create art, drama, and music taught by an experienced faculty of local Houston professionals. Fine Arts Camp was established to provide children a place to discover what happens when Christian faith collides with artistic means of expression.
The theme for the 2018 camp is “All You Need is Love” inspired by 1 Corinthians 13. Through creativity, children will learn how to identify and strengthen their own spiritual gifts.”

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Karen Hall-Baldwin, the daughter of Pastor Edward and Mrs. Anna W. Hall, has stated, “Ministry is all I know, for that was my family’s way of life.” A humble familial beginning led Karen to the music ministry at the tender age of five after she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. Karen became one of the lead soloists for Mt. Gilead Youth Choir under the leadership of the late Rev. Edward Hall. Karen wholeheartedly utilizes her natural creativity to develop music in which she shares with family, friends, and the community. Karen holds numerous titles through her manifestation of music ministry such as Psalmist, Musician, Directress, Minister of Music, facilitator of the Children’s Music Workshop “I Am A Worshipper”, and Women’s Conference Praise and Worship Leader and Speaker. In 2001 Karen drafted her own curriculum tailored to teaching individual piano and voice. Her amazing dedication, persistence, and love of music paved the way for the founding of Celestial Service. Based on its extraordinary curriculum, Clarke County Leisure Services (Athens Georgia) Summer Camp program and After School program implemented the program into their academic offerings (2001 -2003). Since the conception of Celestial Service, God has grown it into Celestial of Zoe Incorporation, a nonprofit organization. Currently, Karen works for Shearn Elementary as Music Teacher. She is also the Minister of Music at New Forrest Church.

Lori Barzilla began teaching dance at Banbury School of Dance in 1979. A native Houstonian, Lori started training at Banbury when she was 18 years old. She enjoys every aspect of dance, including choreography, music, and designing costumes. Lori especially relishes the interaction with the little dancers. She has just completed another wonderful Banbury School of Dance ballet recital entitled “The Magical Toy Shop” at the Stafford Civic Center, where her ballerinas perform in an auditorium that seats an audience of 1,155. Lori and her husband Keith are the parents of two children: Jilianne, age 30, and Matthew, age 22.

Gretchen Bell is an Elementary Art Teacher in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD. She enjoys working with students of all ages to help them express their creativity through the visual arts. She serves as Vice President Youth Art Month elect of Texas Art Education Association. Gretchen collaborates with fellow art educators across the state of Texas, sharing ideas in art education that continue to develop great educators who teach students a wealth of knowledge about various artists, movements, processes, and skills to help them nurture their creativity. This will be her third year working with WMBC Fine Arts Camp. She is ready and excited to work with some great young artists.

Lee Carrier remembers her parents’ encouragement to create art at a very young age. As she became aware of her abilities, Lee’s parents would create various opportunities for her to draw at her leisure so that she could improve her skills. During Lee’s high school years she was pushed passed technical boundaries. She is grateful for her two high school art teachers who prepared her to face criticisms and opinions of all sorts. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Lee focused on “finding her style” and was in search for a purpose in creating art. Lee studied the work of Frida Kahlo, which inspired her to paint self-portraits that told truths of her fears and insecurities, and also studied John Biggers, who created work that highlighted his heritage and the struggles of his people. Lee’s journey has taught her to become more comfortable with creating honest and expressive art work. Since college Lee has submerged herself in contemporary art environments that are immediate and direct; an approach to art that she admires and has emulated in her own art making. While earning a Master of Education degree at the University Houston, opportunities to publicly display her art surfaced, and as a result Lee was influenced to create art for communal spaces individually and with the high school and college students she teaches. As Lee travels through her professional journey as an art educator and artist, it is important that she models lifelong learning through creativity, exhibitions, and community involvement for her students. For the past eleven years of teaching Lee has experienced the many benefits of providing students with a quality fine arts education and has been blessed to observe her students succeed in the arts in addition to other academic areas.

Luci Christian is a Houston-based professional actor. Internationally-known for her voice work in anime and video games, she has also lent her voice to audiobooks, television and radio commercials, industrial courses, and e-learning projects. On-camera, Luci appeared in commercials and films, including “Parkland” and “Men Women and Children”. Luci holds an M.F.A. from Louisiana State University, and spends her free time watching Netflix with her husband and trying to teach her kids to share. Children in Luci’s class will learn to warm up the voice and body using creative imagery and sound - vocally and physically imagining and exploring properties of 'light' through age-appropriate games and exercises - thinking about what it means to be a bearer of light in the world in these fun and precious bodies we've been given.

Winkie Jamail is a Certified National Trainer and the founder of “Dance, Sing and Play the Winkie Way”! Winkie believes that research is clear: when kids know you value them as a human being they will work harder for you and themselves. They will challenge you less. She also believes we don’t need any more theory and new, trendy programs with catchy names. She believes we need to be given research based, proven, practical strategies and applications that we can start implementing immediately – without throwing anything out that is working. Winkie is looking forward to filling our children’s hearts with the freedom to “Dance, Sing, and Play the Winkie Way”!

Janelle Greene is a local muralist and currently has her own preschool art program at Meadows Preschool. She has gained experience in art through years of art classes and self-taught ventures. Janelle has loved art from childhood on, and feels it is important to nurture love for art in young children. This year Janelle’s art classes will be doing some fun things with light and shadows. They will learn and create art about Sunrises/Sunsets, Stained Glass, Shading, Reflections and Shadows. The classes will use quite a variety of mediums and even work with friends to create some wonderful art.

Diane Grosscope, WMBC church pianist and longtime church member, has taught Handbells at Fine Arts Camp since its inception twelve years ago. Diane taught three levels of Handbells for 15 years at Johnston Middle School. Diane has recently retired after 40 years of service with Houston ISD.

Celeste Humphries-Yepez will be teaching Creative Movement Dance at Fine Arts Camp for a fifth year. Celeste will be teaching the lower elementary how to explore Mother Nature through their movement and have fun with dance. She has 19 years of experience teaching and choreographing Ballet, Modern/Jazz, Tap, Adagio Lifts, and Creative Movement with students of all ages. Celeste’s love for dancing spans back 29 years; this passion can be experienced today by her students in the dance room and everyday life. Celeste began her formal training in the Camille Hill Method of Dance at the Discovery Dance Group, under the instruction of Pam Ybarguen-Stockman. At age 15, she became a senior performing company member and a lead instructor. Thanks to Pam’s mentorship, she was accepted into the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA), where she graduated with highest dance honors. Upon graduating from HSPVA, Celeste continued teaching dance for 9 years at Crespo Elementary School, followed by Welch Middle School. At Welch, she had the honor of working alongside her former teacher Laura Sadler, teaching Ballet and Jazz, as well as choreographing the school’s spring shows. It was also quite a thrill for Celeste to be able to help direct the Nutcracker Ballet production, a show where she had performed three years in a row when she was a child. Celeste had the pleasure of working with the ballerinas of Banbury School of Dance by setting a modern piece and performing a classical pointe number in their “Phantom of the Opera” show. Celeste finished a recital in May 2015 where the little dancers of 3-9 years of age performed her Ballet, Tap, and Jazz choreography with the Barbara King Dance Company. Best of all, Celeste is the mother of two little girls, ages 6 and 11, who inspire her to strive to new heights in all that she does, enjoy the little things in life, and to simply have fun. It is Celeste’s goal to help nourish the compassion of children, and channel its energy through the art of dance. Celeste is grateful to be a part of this summer's Fine Arts Camp, and is looking forward to creating fun memories with our young dancers.

Sarah Poindexter, Co-Director: Sarah currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in music from Radford University in Radford, Virginia. Prior to moving to Houston she taught at Mary Bethune Academy, an inner city daycare located in Lynchburg, Virginia. During her time at Mary Bethune Academy, she worked with children ranging in age from 3 to 10, teaching basic knowledge and skills to prepare the children for elementary school. After moving to Houston, Sarah began working at Sugar Land Music School teaching private piano and voice lessons to children of all ages. In addition to teaching privately, she is currently the Associate Minister of Worship & Families at Willow Meadows Baptist Church. Singing has always been Sarah’s passion, and she sees no greater way to use her gift than to glorify our God and influence young minds through music.

Lisa Sandoz Robinson: Lisa has worked with and on behalf of children in various capacities for many years. Currently, she is serving as Librarian for Shearn Elementary School. Previously, she was an English and Reading Teacher at Pershing Middle School. She has also served as Staff Attorney for Children at Risk, working on various advocacy issues such as education, juvenile justice and human trafficking. Lisa has previously served as a Deacon and on the Ministry Council at Willow Meadows Baptist Church. She has also worked for many years in the Children’s Department as a Sunday School teacher as well as VBS and Fine Arts Camp volunteer. Lisa is a proud LSU Tiger where her father has just retired from the Political Science Department. She also has a law degree from Columbia Law School, and was a Trusts and Estates Attorney here in Houston. As the daughter of an Opera singer, and as a writer, pianist, and trumpet player herself, she is excited to be serving as Co-Director of our annual Fine Arts Camp for the third year in a row. Lisa and her husband Mike have three daughters: 27-year-old Claire, 23-year-old Rachel, and 21-year-old Genni, all alumni of the WMBC Fine Arts Camp.

Charity Zemzoum, Co-Director: Charity holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Studies from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, and grew up in church as a pastor’s kid. Although a native New Englander, she loves her adopted home state of Texas. Charity is a Social Studies Teacher who taught 7th grade Texas History at Jane Long Middle School, and has been the Church Librarian at Willow Meadows Baptist Church for the past 11 years. Charity and her husband Amin keep busy juggling the schedules of 13-year-old Noah and 6-year-old Lydia. They love to travel, both domestically and internationally, and enjoy all the museums and attractions that Houston has to offer. This is Charity’s 11th year to be involved with Fine Arts Camp.