Jubilate! Choir

Jubilate Choir rehearsals are Wednesday nights at 7:30pm after Adult Bible Study and 8:45am Sundays before the Jubilate! Service. For more information on how to join the choir contact the church office at (713) 723-2870.

 Fine Arts Christmas

Each December children are invited to take part in Fine Arts Christmas.  Fine Arts Christmas is a one day event jam packed with various arts activities (i.e. painting, dance, music).  The hope of this camp is to show where the arts and the Christmas story collide.  

Fine Arts Camp

Every summer, WMBC hosts a weeklong Fine Arts Camp for children and preschoolers.  In this five day event children create art, drama, and music and are taught by an experienced faculty.  This camp was created to allow children a place to discover what happens when Christian faith collides with artistic means of expression.

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