Beginning Fall 2014, we are re-engaging a vital ministry at WMBC that will focus on communal transformation.  We will engage in the simple activity of sharing a meal together.  Once a month groups of 8-12 people will sit and share a meal at an assigned house.  These groups are created in August and will begin meeting September through May.  At the dinners people are encouraged to share their stories as a way of helping people learn who you are.  It seems pretty simple and it is, but it serves as yet another way for people in the church family to learn about and from one another.

The format is also straightforward.  The groups are small and are led by both a Host and a Leader.  The Host is the person/family that hosts the meal.  This person provides a home, place to eat, and drinks.  The Leader is responsible for the actual meal.  In most cases, the Leader will not cook all the food him/herself, but rather will ask each member of the Supper Club to provide part of the meal "potluck" style.

If you  are interested in being part of a Supper Club for Fall 2014 please contact Matthew Vandagriff, or fill out the form online and we will contact you about this opportunity.


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