Welcome to Sunday Morning Bible Study with the people of Willow Meadows Baptist Church. Here, you are invited to join any group that interests you or where you have found friends, regardless of age or stage in life. The descriptions below will help you if you are looking for folks that are most likely to be in a similar situation as yours. If not, feel free to visit around until you find a group that you like.



A young adult single, engaged, or in the early years of career and marriage, maybe with a baby, preschooler, or elementary-aged child?

  • LIVE, LAUGH, & LOVE taught by John Bednorz (Room 211), is a good group to try first. 
  • CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, taught by Don Kouri (Room 213), offers a diverse community with singles as well as young marrieds.



Established, Juggling a job (or two), children, and a schedule you just can't believe?

  • JOURNEYS, taught by Mary Roberts (Room 205) will get you connected with other busy parents, whether your children are young or old this wonderful class offers a haven of help and support.



In those middle years, midway or more in your career, with older kids, perhaps off to college, or married with kids of their own?

  • MAPQUEST, taught by Dian Kidd (Room 201) includes mostly working parents facing the "sandwich years" - recently launched kids and aging parents. First grandbabies are appearing. 
  • QUEST, taught by Esther Holz (Room 203), seeks daily application of God's word and will for our lives through Bible study, discussion, fellowship, and community awareness.
  • DOUGOUT, taught by Chuck Robinson (Bell Room). Do you like being "out there" resisting the status quo? Do you have just a touch of the renegade in you and want straight talk about honest questions? The Dougout Class may be just the group for you.



Past retirement and still going strong? There's a great selection of classes for you.

  • FAITH, coed, taught by Bob McCain (Chapel, side room)
  • SEEKERS, for men, taught by Harlan Naylor (Chapel, side room)
  • MAGNOLIA, for ladies, taught by Ginger Hill (Bride's Room)
  • GRACE, for ladies, taught by Peggy Robin (Chapel, side room)
  • JOY, for ladies, taught by Lila Slavens (Chapel, side room)
  • SUNSHINE, for ladies, taught by Lee Willis (Parlor) 
  • CORNERSTONE, coed, in-depth Bible Study emphasizing historical significance as well as a practical application for today taught by Jane Wright (Fellowship Hall)
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