Welcome To Willow Meadows

What an Incredible Opportunity to meet you and welcome you into the family.

We have so much going on at Willow meadows and we hope that you will join us for all the festivities and fun.

We are a Mission church and are always happy to look outward to help our community. we would like to see you on Sunday to praise God for all of our gift and welcome you into the family.

If you are a part of our church fellowship, we encourage you to peruse the website and pages to discover the possibilities we have here at Willow Meadows. If you are here for the first time we, and looking for a church family we encourage you to come take the next step and visit us on Sunday. The warm and friendly people of Willow Meadows will be waiting to meet and greet you.

Plan Your Visit

Come to Worship and for Bible Study

We offer a bible study at 9:30 AM. We have many different bible study classes for Youth, Young Adults, Parents, and Seniors. You can pick the best one for you and learn all about the Father and his love he has for you.

Let Us Know You Are Coming

Please complete the pre-arrival form to make us aware of your upcoming visit. This information will be shared with our ministerial staff to better plan for your arrival.

What To Wear

Come as you are. Sunday morning worship ranges from casual to business casual to business professional. Those attending services throughout the week typically dress in a very relaxed or casual manner. We want to meet you, so come as you are, just the way God made.


When you arrive you are welcome to park in our back lot. We have a large lot for you to park and have ones available with a short distance. We also encourage those with mobility issues to pull up to the covered area and drop off. One of our greeters will be happy to help you out and get to where you need to go.


Once you arrive, Greeters will be available to help you or you and your family prepare for an exciting worship experience. Special provisions are available for children and youth, who will be ushered into their own worship classes/services, allowing you the opportunity to focus on receiving all that God has planned for your visit.

A Special Gift For You

When you visit, be sure to complete a First Time registration card provided during worship. The registration card will allow us to keep in touch and share the exciting activities taking place at Willow Meadows Baptist Church. At the end of each service we invite our First Time Friends to join us for refreshments and a special gift.